Design Telecommunications provide a complete range of services, commercial and domestic, giving you the best telecoms solution for your needs.

Our services cover everything from phones, LAN/WAN, and IP Telephony, to Security and CCTV. What we offer:

  • Simple office solutions, including cabling infrastructure of your offices with sensitivity to your surroundings and the way you work.
  • Telephone systems to suit the way you work and the way you see your company working in the future.
  • Network solutions to link offices for voice and data cost effectively and efficiently via the internet.
  • We see the installation as the beginning of a business relationship not the end, technology is such now that constant improvements are being made and it is up to our company and its services to keep your business up to date with developments.
  • Maintenance is at the very heart of our business, as we are engineer led, this leads us to believe back up is the most important element of our service.